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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Full Movie Download

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7cb1d79195 Loosely based on the classic Chinese novel 'Journey to the West', players are cast as Monkey; a strong, brutish loner who is forced to partner with the tech-savvy yet physically weak Trip on a journey to freedom.
This is probably one the most underrated video games from 2010. In no means is it the best game out there but it was certainly better then some of the crap other people bought. Enslaved is taken from the Chiniese novel Journey to the West. Which like most Americans I never read it so I got no idea how close this is to it&#39;s source material. This is a game made by Ninja Theory who have made games such as Heavenly Sword. This is also made by Andy Serkis, who if you played the game had a huge role to play.<br/><br/>Game-play- this game plays as the best platforming action adventure I have ever seen. Jumping around like a monkey is so organic you your character just goes platform to platform, poll to small rock on the wall. He does it so well, I am not a fan of jumping puzzles or platforming but this was so much fun just to climb a wall. The AI is not the smartest they&#39;re strategy is to bum rush you and that is basically it. I understand they are supposed to be mecs that can&#39;t think for themselves so that is a minor complaint more of a nit pick. As many of you know this is basically one long escort mission but it is not annoying but rather fun. The enemies hardly ever attack her and she will actually hide so you can take out the foes. They add some boss fights against bigger mecs and those have that video game feel to it you find the bosses weakness and take it out.<br/><br/>Sound- this is what games need actors to do the voice acting. Andy Serkis is great as the character Monkey. This game has amazing sound effects and score to match it.<br/><br/>Graphics- probably the most beautiful apocalypse ever. This seems realistic in the way of vegetation taking back the land. The enemies look dangerous. Dare I say they look better then the Transformers have.<br/><br/>Story- you play as this character Monkey he is basically the man with no name and a troubled past. This girl Trip helps you escape from the slaver ship but then turns around and enslaves you so you can help her get home. The story goes on how you have to help her get home and the obstacles you face. Both the characters are likable and of course they do develop a relationship as the story goes on. This isn&#39;t that much of a story heavy game for the fact it never drew me in the game-play is what was gripping. This game does in fact have the weirdest ending just saying that it doesn&#39;t really fit the rest of the game and brings up more questions.<br/><br/>Overall this is a fun game but has little replay value. So I give it a High Rental this is a must play just not a must own.
i own this game and believe me i LOVE it. I am so into the Journey to the West story (which the game is loosely about), that i have been playing it a lot! I am only at the first boss but so far the graphics are beautiful, the sounds are amazing, and the voice acting 5 out of 5.<br/><br/>The game controls are easy to use. Set in America&#39;s New York City in the distant future you would recognize several places and wonder how the game got to such dismay in the future.<br/><br/>I would highly recommend the game to anyone that is looking for something based off Journey to the West, or a game with a lot of excitement and adventure.

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